Piccolo X Reader Lemon

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Main Pairings: Mirai Trunks x Reader Goku x Chichi Vegeta x Bulma. Tragedy Story Types: Collection, General, Lemon, One Shot, Reader Insert. Summary: “Piccolo and I exchanged harsh words of debate on whether we should finish .

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Đọc truyện Piccolo x Reader, truyện Dragon Ball Z Oneshots của Aizawa Hizashi♡ với các chương chap cập nhật từng ngày từng giờ.

” An Oc of mine named Megami.. Piccolo smirked and and forcably kissed her,His embrace lasting until he needed a. Verde Lover(17+) ::A Lemon drabble::.

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The story of Piccolo after DBZ: This is the first of the Z-fighter Chonicles but they can be read in any order. This can be. . No lemons.. . Jeice x OC, Zarbon x OC